Important Security Tips on renting rooms in UK

Important Security Tips on renting rooms in UK

Those seeking rooms to rent Leeds could be easily deceived especially if they aren’t from United Kingdom or if they want a tenancy for the first time.

Fake landlords find many ways to scam you, especially making you send them money before seeing the house or they can use the deposit to scam you.

To avoid to be scammed by fake landlords that try to use the deposit to fool you, you must follow some rules and tips! This is also true for Flat share Leeds so be careful when you make your choices.

First, never pay a deposit on the internet! If the landlord says that he isn’t in the city or in the country and he doesn’t arrive soon, find another landlord! You have big chances to be scammed! Never pay a deposit via banks or the internet! For many properties that are listed as House share Leeds be very careful of leaving deposits upfront. First, go to see the house to be sure that it is real. Read the contract and only after that sign it! After you sign it, you have the liability to pay the deposit! If you do that you can pay it however you or your landlord wants!

Your deposit is used in case you do not pay your rent or in case you make damages in the house!

Another way to scam you is to not write in the inventory all the damages. Before sign the contract, inspect the house! Go in all rooms; verify all the furniture, all decorations, windows, carpets and electronic appliances! After that, verify in inventory to see if each damage is written on the paper. If not, tell your landlord to write it. If you do not do that he can say that you damage it and in this way he will take money from the deposit even if you do nothing!

If you do not do that, at least notice your landlord about any damage you see immediately after you move in! If he is a responsible and honest landlord he will not say that you did it and he will understand!

To rent rooms in London can be difficult and it is a prosper business because almost no one buy a house, they rent one!

Another advice we can get you is to verify the scheme of your deposit with some months before your leaving! Each deposit may have been protected by a scheme, if not it means that your landlord tries to scam you! You can get your deposit back at the end of your tenancy if you bring a County Court.

If you do room share London or house share London you can talk to your possible roommates or house mates to understand how your landlord is, if they have problems with them or how they are. It is very important to talk to them and see how they are because if you think that you can’t get along with them our advice is to not move in because you will have problems for sure.

Renting rooms in London is something very popular. Almost all student and young workers rent a house or a room because they do not have enough money to buy one.

Modern marvels make cleaning an ease

Modern marvels make cleaning an ease

Cleaning – what medieval women did when they were not taking care of their families. Back then, there was no such thing as vacuum cleaner, anti mold solutions or cleaning equipment. They used only a broom, a dust shovel and a bad cloth. Yet, their houses were crystal clean and one could easily enjoy spending time there.

Over the years, there have been so many improvements in the technological field that cleaning itself has modernized – there have appeared electrical machines, special equipment and solutions for a better cleaning. Moreover, there have been created companies that have specialized in house-cleaning so as to make your life better. They have special trained workers, who are ready to turn your house upside-down in order to perfectly clean it. A great example is Clean&Clean, the most opted for cleaning company in London.

They provide lots of services, from spring cleaning or weekly cleaning up to tenancy cleaning. I guess everybody has heard about spring cleaning. It’s almost impossible for someone to say otherwise, because no mother in the world would skip this important stage right before Easter. Yet, it will not be unimaginable if you have not heard about end of tenancy cleaning. Every owner wants his place cleaned after their tenants leave, but not everyone is eager to put himself or herself to hard work in order to perfectly clean a house that is not even his. That’s why Clean&Clean provides you with a very well trained team that is ready to clean off the dust even from the bathroom tiles.

When it comes to spring cleaning, there’s craziness in every house – each and every woman wants her house to be crystal clean, as it is considered to be the first step into the warm season. In the past it was thought that if your house was dirty, you would have an unlucky year. Due to the world’s development, nowadays women do not spend so much time cleaning the house. They want to climb the ladder of success as quickly as possible and want to be equal with men, proving them that woman can easily do anything a man does. Being trapped in the creation of a financial secured future, they prefer to pay someone who would give much more attention to the act of cleaning. That’s why most of the woman in London choose Clean&Clean as their first option when it comes to perfection, because they provide trained cleaning teams and modern equipment and above all, they are trustworthy.

What to do to become a belly dancer

What to do to become a belly dancer

To be a belly dancer can be the most beautiful thing you do!

If you love to dance, you can make your passion a really success for you! It’s quite hard to learn to dance belly dance, but once you become a belly dancer everything will become easy!

The starter pack for a beginner in belly dancing is made from her costumes!

Belly dancing is an art. It is about passion, sensuality, moving body parts in such a way that they will hypnotize people. So, to do a great performance you need to have the right belly dance costume!

You need to buy many costumes, that fits exactly on your type of dance. Different songs mean different costumes, because every type of movement is different and needs to be brought out by showing a specific body part. Costumes will help you.

It’s also important to wear one that makes you feel awesome! Even if it isn’t showing too much skin, if you feel like a star, you will captivate your audience!

You can choose between Egyptian style, Turkish style or „Gypsy” style.

You can wear a:

  • Bra and Belt Set
  • A full costume
  • Egyptian Style
  • Harem Pants Costume
  • Tribal and Fusion costume
  • Halloween and Party Costumes.

You can also buy them separately and choose between them the one you love the most:

  • Bra and Tops
  • Hip Scarves
  • Belts
  • Veils
  • Pants
  • Skirts

It’s also important to wear the right jewelry and accessories. They will complete your costume and make it and you look perfect.

You can wear: earrings, necklaces, cuffs, slave bracelets, snake jewelry, chokers and so on. They can be made with rhinestones, coins and others. You need also to choose the right ones, to look beautiful and delicate.

To look totally awesome and delicate, to complete your look you need to wear some specific shoes, that fits perfectly your foot skin and shape.

They will make you look elegant and they will also protect your feet. They are delicate and very beautiful. You must wear some!

Also, some accessories as: Bindi that will stay elegant in the bottom of your head, Xotic Eyes- a makeup that will stick on your eyes and will look absolutely fancy and awesome or some temporary tattoos.

Also, you can buy a Bag or a Tot that is specific for belly dancers.  Different styles, models and sizes are waiting for you!

Now, you can go to a school dance!

How to find a nice place in London for your vacation

How to find a nice place in London for your vacation

London is a fabulous destination and adds up to a pleasant vacation. One trip to London can refresh and rejuvenate your city-wearied soul and may the spark back to you. If you are looking to get a wonderful holiday with your friends and family, you’ll find nothing better compared trip to London. London can be also a fashionable and wonderful honeymoon destination. Spending a lazy moment in London with your loved one can regarded highly romantic experience. Whether you love solitude an individual love the crowd- London can serve you anything. You can walk through Hyde Park or St James Park, visit Victoria and Albert Museum, Madame Tussauds London or Queens Gallery. You can stay and walk on Tower Bridge or Tour of London. You will have an amazing view and very romantic moments. You can also visit awesome restaurants that will give you the best moments from your life.

To do all of these you need to to a house share in London or a room. It doesn’t matter if you are here only in a vacation or you came to stay here forever. You need to rent a room. For that, you need to visit our website from where you can find a place just perfect for you!

If you are a student and especially if you aren’t from United Kingdom, we are sure that it is hard for you to find something you like. When you find some nice places for you using our website, we are sure that you have some questions about it.

Here are some advices for you if you do not know how to choose the best one for you:

Once you’ve found an improvement that you like the look of, scope out the house, development, and geographic area to observe how many belongings you can tick off the top your ‘wish list’ (and which ones you’re prepared to sacrifice). It is a good idea to go to at different times on top of that. An area that seems pleasant during the day can result in somewhere quite menacing in the dark. You’ll also need to match for traffic conditions at commuting era. You might change your mind on your ideal home if it’s going to take you twice prolonged to drop the kids off in class or get to work.

I can assure you that should follow these steps, your tenancy will go smoothly and you will have the chance to get less discrepancies with the final result. As last words I’d also like to say that to rent rooms in London is not easy at all and you will need all the help you can get so I advise you to take a roommate!

The benefits of tenancy cleaning

The benefits of tenancy cleaning

The benefits of tenancy cleaning

The first thing you’ll do when you decide that you need the services of a cleaning company is wonder: “what are the benefits that come with this service?”. Well, there’s plenty of them, and you’ll start noticing them as soon as you order your first tenancy cleaning services.

But maybe you want to know those benefits before you actually decide to use the

tenancy cleaning London services, so we shall talk about them in the following article. Let’s say you’re an important person, whose hands are full, and you need your house cleaned as soon as possible, I bet that you won’t be able to do that without our tenancy cleaning services so lucky for you, we are available at any time.

So one benefit would be the availability, end of tenancy cleaners are at your disposal at all the time (we are open 24/7 including bank holidays and weekends).

Another benefit is the time you spare by letting us do your job, time that you can use to take care of more important matters. Now, not only we save you time but we’ll also do the job way faster, so if you need the space that is being cleaned, you’ll have it at your disposal, perfectly cleaned, as soon as possible. Our teams are well trained and will never fail to finish their job in a timely manner and deliver the highest quality cleaning, better than any other tenancy cleaning London team.

Another benefit would be the very low price at which we offer our services. They vary from one service to another, but they still remain very accessible for any kind of person, even though the demand for cleaning services in London is really high, we are keeping our prices low in order for everyone to take advantage of them.

The benefits listed above are the main things you’ll look for when you decide to choose a cleaning company, but there are plenty of companies to choose from, and that complicates things, that’s why we are now going to discuss exactly this matter.

Tenancy Cleaning

How to find the best tenancy cleaning company, and what makes us different?

Each and every company has it’s good and bad sides, now, our aim is to completely get rid of our bad sides, that’s why customer feedback is a very important in achieving exactly that, so let’s go ahead and have a quick look over the good side of our company:

  • We work in a very good timely manner;
  • We have the lowest prices on the market;
  • We deliver only professional quality services;
  • Our team is composed of trained, professional workers, who know their job well;
  • We work with the best equipment on the market in order to make sure you are 110% satisfied;
  • Available at any time, day or night;
  • Years of experience in the domain, we’ve been working in this field since 2005 so our list of happy customers is huge.

These are just the main benefits that you can enjoy if you decide to use our end of lease cleaning London service. We assure you that we come with the best time, quality and price on the market, all the clients that we’ve made happy over the years can confirm that, and so can our reputation.

So now that you know more about us, next time you consider hiring a cleaning company, make sure you compare the benefits that we bring, to the benefits that other companies come with, so you can see for yourself why we’ve been in this business for so long and why everyone chooses us.


Cleaning as an art and the best employees

Cleaning as an art and the best employees

Cleaning is art for few people and they are the one that do the most correct cleaning.  Almost all of them are working at our cleaning company to perfectly clean your house.

Because they love to clean and because they see it as an art, if you stay to see them cleaning you will be amazed about how they do it. They take care of every corner of your house and they are so organized that you will cannot believe the result!
Even if they love to do it, they graduate some courses provided by our company to learn some theory about cleaning and of course, practice. Even when it is about cleaning, it is important to know some theory; for example, about how a cleaner should clean different kinds of materials, with what chemical/cleaning products and what attitude they have to show to their customers. All of them together with love for professional tenancy cleaning, give as results professional and totally communicative and friendly cleaners!

Why are they so special?

  1. They know how to clean your house in such a way you will say that it is new!
  2. You will meet friendly people that respect you and your wishes!
  3. Nothing is more important for them than your satisfaction!
  4. They are trained to develop their love for cleaning and you will see that when they finish their job at your house!
  5. They take care a lot about your goods and stuff. You will find them exactly in the same place you know they were, the only difference will be that they are now cleaned and more arranged!
  6. For example, if you have a spot on your sofa that is really hard to clean, they will not leave your house until the cleaners will succeed to remove it!
  7. They are available for you even on holidays!
  8. They are so organized that they will not forget to clean some corner or place from your house!
  9. Chemical products used for cleaning are also professional and also these products are able to remove any stains from your goods and most of them prevent the dust from settling or for example your windows from dirt.

If you want them to clean your house you will see many other advantages than presented ones!

If any team is available in the same day you call for a cleaning service, they will be at your house how soon they can! We are waiting for you to contact us on our website:

All about belly dancing from origins to moves

All about belly dancing from origins to moves

Belly dance is art for many people. It is one from the oldest types of dance and it involves many abdominal and articular movements.

It is known in the entire world and day by day, many people want to learn to dance it.


The costume of a belly dancer need to be chosen with care because it is very important for dance.

It is made especially for letting people see the body parts that are involved in dance: hands, abdomen and sometimes legs.

It includes a bra or a short top, a hip belt and a long skirt or harem pants.

The bra and belt are decorated with crystals, diamonds, coins and other different types of precious gems.

The costume gives and accentuates the sensuality of belly dancer, because it let people see all the sensual parts of body that are moving during the dance in an attractive way.


Movements of belly dance are sensual and attractive. They are grouped into categories:

  1. Fluid movements.
  2. Percussive movements
  3. Shimmies, vibrations and shivers.

All of these, when are brought together gives this wonderful dance: belly dance.

Percussive movements are used to accent a beat and the part of body that is mostly involved is hip.  Fluid movements to accent lyrics of music and a belly dancer need a big abdominal muscle control; examples of these kind of movements are undulations, circles or infinity loops. Shimmies, vibrations and shivers are diverse. Arms are used to accentuate different moves, also the head or back bends.

A belly dancer has a more flexible torso than other people. Also, she is healthier than other because that type of movements is good for different parts of her as: spine, abdominal muscles; it keeps the dancer fit and healthier.

What you need to become a belly dancer?

Well, you need to have real force inside you, because to see the results you have to provide strength and a big ambition. It is hard to learn to dance it, especially if you are over 20 years because your bones and muscles are already developed and it will be harder to make your bod flexible, but not impossible.

It is a hard dance because you deserve a good control of your mind and after that of your body. All movements are perfectly controlled and analyzed. You also need to be skinny (but not always).

Go, find a perfect belly dance school and shoe people how good you are!