All about belly dancing from origins to moves

All about belly dancing from origins to moves

Belly dance is art for many people. It is one from the oldest types of dance and it involves many abdominal and articular movements.

It is known in the entire world and day by day, many people want to learn to dance it.


The costume of a belly dancer need to be chosen with care because it is very important for dance.

It is made especially for letting people see the body parts that are involved in dance: hands, abdomen and sometimes legs.

It includes a bra or a short top, a hip belt and a long skirt or harem pants.

The bra and belt are decorated with crystals, diamonds, coins and other different types of precious gems.

The costume gives and accentuates the sensuality of belly dancer, because it let people see all the sensual parts of body that are moving during the dance in an attractive way.


Movements of belly dance are sensual and attractive. They are grouped into categories:

  1. Fluid movements.
  2. Percussive movements
  3. Shimmies, vibrations and shivers.

All of these, when are brought together gives this wonderful dance: belly dance.

Percussive movements are used to accent a beat and the part of body that is mostly involved is hip.  Fluid movements to accent lyrics of music and a belly dancer need a big abdominal muscle control; examples of these kind of movements are undulations, circles or infinity loops. Shimmies, vibrations and shivers are diverse. Arms are used to accentuate different moves, also the head or back bends.

A belly dancer has a more flexible torso than other people. Also, she is healthier than other because that type of movements is good for different parts of her as: spine, abdominal muscles; it keeps the dancer fit and healthier.

What you need to become a belly dancer?

Well, you need to have real force inside you, because to see the results you have to provide strength and a big ambition. It is hard to learn to dance it, especially if you are over 20 years because your bones and muscles are already developed and it will be harder to make your bod flexible, but not impossible.

It is a hard dance because you deserve a good control of your mind and after that of your body. All movements are perfectly controlled and analyzed. You also need to be skinny (but not always).

Go, find a perfect belly dance school and shoe people how good you are!