What to do to become a belly dancer

What to do to become a belly dancer

To be a belly dancer can be the most beautiful thing you do!

If you love to dance, you can make your passion a really success for you! It’s quite hard to learn to dance belly dance, but once you become a belly dancer everything will become easy!

The starter pack for a beginner in belly dancing is made from her costumes!

Belly dancing is an art. It is about passion, sensuality, moving body parts in such a way that they will hypnotize people. So, to do a great performance you need to have the right belly dance costume!

You need to buy many costumes, that fits exactly on your type of dance. Different songs mean different costumes, because every type of movement is different and needs to be brought out by showing a specific body part. Costumes will help you.

It’s also important to wear one that makes you feel awesome! Even if it isn’t showing too much skin, if you feel like a star, you will captivate your audience!

You can choose between Egyptian style, Turkish style or „Gypsy” style.

You can wear a:

  • Bra and Belt Set
  • A full costume
  • Egyptian Style
  • Harem Pants Costume
  • Tribal and Fusion costume
  • Halloween and Party Costumes.

You can also buy them separately and choose between them the one you love the most:

  • Bra and Tops
  • Hip Scarves
  • Belts
  • Veils
  • Pants
  • Skirts

It’s also important to wear the right jewelry and accessories. They will complete your costume and make it and you look perfect.

You can wear: earrings, necklaces, cuffs, slave bracelets, snake jewelry, chokers and so on. They can be made with rhinestones, coins and others. You need also to choose the right ones, to look beautiful and delicate.

To look totally awesome and delicate, to complete your look you need to wear some specific shoes, that fits perfectly your foot skin and shape.

They will make you look elegant and they will also protect your feet. They are delicate and very beautiful. You must wear some!

Also, some accessories as: Bindi that will stay elegant in the bottom of your head, Xotic Eyes- a makeup that will stick on your eyes and will look absolutely fancy and awesome or some temporary tattoos.

Also, you can buy a Bag or a Tot that is specific for belly dancers.  Different styles, models and sizes are waiting for you!

Now, you can go to a school dance!